You are currently viewing Cape and Durbs ranked with ‘Africa’s 10 Most Picturesque Running Cities’

Cape and Durbs ranked with ‘Africa’s 10 Most Picturesque Running Cities’


Where do you get your kays in? If you’re a runner and a traveller, you’re bound to have run in a few different cities. As it turns out, a lot of runners like to share their jogs on Instagram, and sports website SportsShoes has listed various cities across the world according to how many of the hashtag #Run[city name] each destination has garnered, in combination with a picture of the city.

 Here’s how they did it:

‘We counted over 1 million hashtags on Instagram, looking at #Run{City} along with its translated counterparts for over 600 cities around the globe. We then analysed the data to reveal which city has the most running pictures posted on the photo-sharing app to crown the most picturesque location for runners,’ the website reads.

In Africa, Lagos came out on top with an astounding more than 15 000 tags reading #RunLagos. Cape Town came in second with more than 7 300 hashtags, followed by Cairo. In fourth and fifth places are #RunDurban and #RunPretoria. 

Take a look at the top 10 ‘Most Picturesque Running Cities’ in Africa. 


Picture: Cape of Good Hope SPCA /Two Oceans Marathon


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