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Couple ditches living on land for life at sea


Richard and Angelyn Burk have abandoned their homestead in Seattle to live permanently on ocean waters, cruising 365 days a year.

Having met on a cruise, it only seemed fitting for them to spend the rest of their lives on the ship where they first fell in love. Angelyn, an accountant, carefully planned and calculated what it would cost to live the suite life on deck.

After quitting their jobs, Angelyn and Richard left Seattle Washington and have been living at sea since May 2021.

‘We don’t plan to permanently live on land in the future,’ Angelyn told 7Life.

Since their nautical relocation, they have embarked on a number of exciting excursions, including a 51-day cruise from Seattle to Sydney and stops in Singapore, Italy, the Bahamas, Canada, and Iceland.

Angela stated that life at sea can be relatively inexpensive – they spend an average of R1400 per night, according to CNN. The couple have had a great time sailing the seven seas, and intend to do so for the rest of their lives.

Permanently living at sea is not for everyone, Angelyn says. But if that’s your thing, here is Angelyn’s advice:

  • This might not be the best choice if you suffer from a weak stomach.
  • Find out what works for you by trying out several cruise lines.
  • Take advantage of special offers and loyalty programs.
  • Don’t be too strict about sticking to travel dates.
  • Don’t buy beverage packages.
  • Don’t overpack.
  • Book the cheapest room you can find.
  • Make sure you keep track of all your expenses and don’t get carried away – you don’t need that snow globe.

Picture: Unsplash


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