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Wild dogs chase impalas at Malelane Camp in Kruger


Safari photography page Sheila’s Africa shared some stunning images of two wild dogs chasing impalas down the road at Malelane Camp in Kruger National Park.

‘I stopped to watch impala right next to the road, looked ahead and lo and behold, two dogs in stalk mode which got the attention of the impala who quickly took to the bush, dogs chasing in different directions ensued in a short spell of chaos!’ Sheila said.

‘The impala ran into the bush, then turned back into the road with the first ewe losing her footing, spooking the second ewe, who also ended up in a cloud of dust with one of the dogs on a chase. Bothe then disappeared into the long grass with one of the dogs close on their heals,’ she added.

Take a look:











Pictures: Sheila’s Africa


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