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Double amputee climbs UK’s highest peak for charity


Double amputee Paul Ellis made his way through snow as he crawled up the United Kingdom’s highest mountain in a bid to raise money for children who have lost their limbs.

The 57-year-old aimed to raise £19 000 (around R38 0418) for an organisation that hosts camps for child amputees known as Kids Amp Camps, by reaching the 1 345m summit of Ben Nevis. The money raised by Ellis will allow at least four more camps for children this year.

Ellis suffered a fall in 1992, which left both of his legs paralysed, and a further leg break forced him to have to undergo a double amputation.

Last year, Ellis summited Ben Nevis on his prosthetic legs but decided to crawl up the mountain this year to raise more awareness for Amp Camp.

‘I knew it would be very hard. I had walked it before, but I made the choice to crawl,’ Ellis explained. ‘I wanted to make get people’s attention and show what amputees can do.’

After 12 hours of ascending Ben Nevis, Ellis had to crawl through some snow to get to the peak. Ellis put on his prosthetics to get back down, which he described as ‘more painful’ after the strenuous ascent.

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