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Vaal Dam breaches capacity – eight sluice gates opened


Following heavy downpours, the Vaal Dam has breached capacity, with the water level last reported to be 115,9% on 20 April.

Authorities have opened eight sluice gates and the water level is expected to continue to rise substantially.


In 2021, the Vaal Dam breached 100% capacity for the first time in three years, resulting in five sluice gates being opened.

Similarly, the dam reached a capacity of over 108% in January 2022, forcing residents to evacuate.

Here are some safety tips during floods, courtesy of the Department of Water and Sanitation:

  • Those living in low-lying areas are urged to evacuate if sudden floods reach dangerous levels.
  • Motorists are strongly discouraged from driving on flooded roads and bridges.
  • Never try to walk or swim through fast-moving water. Try to avoid contact with floodwaters that may be contaminated with sewage, oil or other harmful substances.
  • Keep important documents in a water-resistant container.
  • If you are in danger, call your municipality disaster management centre, the nearest police station or the following national emergency numbers: 10177, 107, 112.

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