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Lone humpback whale takes on a pod of orcas


A humpback whale left a group of whale-watchers slack-jawed when it attacked a pod of orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

The humpback whale was leisurely trailing behind the pod for quite some time when like a bolt from the blue, it swam straight into the middle of the pod and began attacking the orcas

It was so unusual that even seasoned San Juan Safaris Whale Watching guide Brian Goodtremont said that he had never seen it in his entire 22 years.

According to local whale-watching skipper, Mark Malleson, the humpback likely acted so boldly because it had a close encounter with orcas when it was a calf.

‘It’s apparent when it was a calf, when it was in its first year it had had a close call. Because you can see in this picture here, the rake marks, the killer whale rake marks. It would have happened when it was with its mom.’


Picture: Getaway Gallery


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